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About It Hurts To Be That Stupid!
Boy, how do I start this section? Well, at the beginning I guess. I'm Carson Raycraft, the artist and main character of IHTBTS, as such, the simplest way to put "What is It Hurts To Be That Stupid" was "It's about my life".

Things changed though. After about a year (100 comics at random times) of one-shot comics, I decided to move onto a storyline based comic. Unfortunately, my good friends (and characters) did not all attend the same University... a bit of a problem for extended Storylines featuring many characters. So i invented the town of DeSoto and the Sir Thomas Malory University.

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself though, aren't I? IHTBTS started in my OAC year of High School in the middle of Physics class. I've always enjoyed drawing, and my physics class had always been full of good material for a comic. Yes ,the Physics Teacher and Billy the Science Bunny are BOTH real. So I began drawing comics that reflected the oddness in my life. And people liked them. I put them online for my friends to see, and they all loved them. An excellent description of High School life at West Ferris, you could say. As the school year came to a close, I concentrated on exams (and drinking) for the Month of June, putting IHTBTS on Haitus for a while. From June to January IHTBTS was updated infrequently due to my lack of a scanner (and desire to do the computer generated comics). However, my parents (who appear to be surprisingly supportive) got me a scanner for Christmas, and IHTBTS was back on track. I made a schedule and attempted to get upto 100 comics done for March 5th, 2001, the first Anniversary of IHTBTS. I somehow made it ;).

March 5th marked a change of direction for IHTBTS. It went from a one-shot gag comic to a more storyline based comic appearing every weekday. This was a change for some of the original readers, but was nessecary as I was no-longer around the characters that were around originally and thus, lacked certain ideas for them. A storyline comic lent itself a bit better to writting for characters (as one-shot gags tend to take alot of inspiration). Feldo's Rants were eventually added into the strip, appearing on Sunday's (Feldo's rants are a KEY part of the IHTBTS experience. Feldo can talk on just about ANYTHING). In June of 2001 I added a Saturday strip aswell. It's a One-Shot Gag in the tradition of the original IHTBTS (and used to apease old fans not overly fond of the "storylines").

What does the future hold for IHTBTS? Beats me, I'm just making this up as I go along. Hold on and enjoy the ride...



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