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The Good

Carson Raycraft is the main character in IHTBTS, probably due to the fact that he is also the writer and artist behind IHTBTS. If there's something going on, he's probably involved.

Jon MacDonald is another goofball, and one of Carson's closest friends. He takes everything in stride with his good sense of humour. Jon is skilled with computer skills and has many musical talents. Jon is currently dating Anne.

Micheal Campbell tends to have a better grasp on 'reality' then most of the others. A voice of reason, despite Carson's many attempts at insanity. Mike is probably the only reason some of the guys haven't been locked in a nut house or shot.

Carl Pacey is a brilliant idiot. School smart, but "life stupid" as Jon put it. Even Carl admits he lived a sheltered childhood untill he was corrupted by Carson, Scott and Jon. Despite his often annoying smartness, Carl is a reliable friend and always there when needed.

Scott Wilson is often the most sensible of the group, but also has the ability to kick back and go with the flow. Always willing to participate in an odd adventure. Scott often schemes to travel to exotic places and strike it rich.

Greg Feldcamp, also known as Feldo, is one of the funniest people around. He has the inate ability to talk to anyone about anything for an extended period of time. When Feldo's around there is always a good time to be had.

Murray Morrison is infamously known as LogJam. Legends of his drunken exploits are told from across the country. Murray is often a member in the drunken insanity the gang often causes.

Craig Nodwell is a ladies man. Or atleast he thinks he is. About as successful as Carson in the ways of love, Nauddy never gives up. A loyal friend, as long as a beautiful girl doesn't get in the way.

John Hetherington is a former history teacher to most of the gang, and currently is working for some unknown agency on an unknown mission. Hetherington has come to the aid of the gang when needed, and perhaps more of his mission will be revealed with time.

Steve Hayne is a former Co-worker of Carson's. A good guy to have around when trouble errupts, Steve is also known to be quite gullible. He is currently still looking for the mop in the basement.

Adam Meloche is another former Co-worker of Carson's. Currently he is in training to become a police officer. No-one was better then Adam at avoiding work and causing damage.


The French speaking pineapple Ananas was once the star of a french educational television show, Telefrancais. Currently he is a bitter leader in an unknown french liberation terrorist group. His current mission is to retrieve the parts for an unknown doomsday device and eliminate all those that come in his way... including Carson and company.

Condom Boy is, well... insane. He believes that Carson is his best friend, and wears an inflated condom over his head.

and the HERB!

What is Herb? Well, Herb is a magical, talking, kung fu kicking, super powered Duck. Who's side is he on? Only Herb knows for sure. This duck has more hidden motives then your local politicians. And his own fan club headed by the equally mysterious "Gimp" that has appeared in past comics.


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