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Wow, I seem to read a few webcomics... not as many as Damonk though, whew that's a long list. These are ones that I try to read everyday, 'cause they're funny or 'cause they've got a cool story, or 'cause I really like them. If you're not up here, don't be upset, I've probably never read your comic before. And this page will change. I've already stopped reading on comic, so expect a little bit of change...

SITE OF UNTIL I UPDATE THIS PAGE: Electronic Trancendence
Eliot "Lost Factor" Lefebvre's excellent page of stuff! It's got Transformers, links to awesome webcomics and IHTBTS is "Cool Thing" number 2 right after his girlfriend (We can accept being second to that). This page is as cool as the King Kong movie with Jesus in it (Atleast I think that was a movie). Go there now... or face death: not the pleasant kind!

Web Comic Links: The Stuff I read when I can

Avalon Highschool, done by some Canadian (Woohoo) guy over at Carleton named Josh Philips. Somewhat like Highschool as I remember it... only minus the Camry and the massive trunk o' booze, but those stories are for MY site.

Framed!!!, another Canadian Comic done by Damonk. This is a hilarious comic, and one of my personal favorites. It's got the warpedness that just seems to make sense to me. And it has Richard Nixon.

A comic by another Canadian. It's warped and freak'n hilarious, definitely worth checking out. If you like crazy wackiness, which you do, you will check out J-Walkin', which you will.

Pauly = Spiffy. He's a pretty damned good artist too, and Untitled Again is a pretty damned good strip. Show your support to Pauly by checking his strip out and sending him Dr. Pepper.

WOOHOO Sporkman. He's got 4 theme songs written about him, so go check it out. It's written by a Trout...Man

Yet another FTT, Scrubbo has a pretty spiffy comic about computer programming, only it's not about Computer Programming

College Roommates from Hell. Hmmm... the title pretty much says it all... well, if it included Laser vision, tentical arms, were-coyotes, gun crazed chicks and a psychic cat. Yup... Good shit be here

Angst Technology, a comic about a bunch of guys working at a start up computer company. What makes it good? A Monkey and some Ninjas. Lots of Mathy jokes here too.

This Comic has Transformers references! So, yes, it kicks ass. And it has one of the nicest webcomic authors in the world doing it. Check it out... OR DIE!

Quite possibly the granddaddy of all online comics: Penny-Arcade. Hilarious shit they've got here. They take a more Computer Game oriented view, but hey, it's all good. Probably one of my inspirations to continue improving upon IHTBTS.

Ah, a comic that captures the reality of "Residence Life". Very accurate, though I wish my computer could get me a Beer... stupid hunk of GARBAGE... not like my beloved Camry...

The FourToon Tellers. Four guys with really kick ass comics. They're pretty cool too. Except for that 5th Fourtoon teller, Troutman.

Non-Comic Links: Or the other Sites I visit

LiveJournal: A really easy way to express your 'feelings'... or in my case to say stupid things
X-entertainment: They have transformer stuff No time for love, Dr. Jones!


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