KEENvention? Now with maximum STUPIDITY!
Stop in at #4toontellers on NightStar (IRC chatty thingy)

Friday, June 29, 2001: Uhm... Tomorrow's comic may be a little late, unfortunately. A friend arrived in from out of town, and I must go drinking. Yeah, you know how it is. and you all understand. But worry not! I SHALL have a new "thingy" (the ability to purchase wierd and wacky things) up over the weekend that will not use actually money. Yes, you could own various stupid things (like an autographed picture, or a Canadian Tire Tape Measure/keychain/assassin wire through the use of Canadian Tire Money! WHOO!) Expect more details soon. Sorry about the lateness, but it does mean that there's a good chance that Saturdays comic will be a drunken one! WHOO!

Monday, June 25th, 2001: Well, all you High Schoolers are out for summer (us university folks have reached the HALF WAY point for our summer about now, WHOO!) Today we've got a special treat in the comic department. Fourtoon Teller, Canadian, and all around sock molester Joe Nadeau sent me a strip, and in True IHTBTS style, he mocks CARSON! HOORAY! He even got Murray about right in the strip too. (Am I the only one that thinks Joe should be drawing IHTBTS instead of me? Heh, just kidding Joe, you've got enough on your plate right now). I'd not expect an update till Next Sunday as my modem is farked up (but my scanner works again! JOY!) when IHTBTS is remodelled AGAIN!

Saturday, June 16th, 2001: Boy what a Busy day today is. First off, Happy Birthday to Scott Delahunt, Craig Nodwell, and John Troutman, June Birthday's RULE! Second of all, todays One-Shot features Me, Steve Hayne, and Adam Meloche doing the Canadian Tire thing. Keep an eye out for a few double comic days coming up soon! Yes, there will be THREE extra one shots before the end of June.

Tuesday, June 13th, 2001: In attempt to develop character depth (well, Mike seems to want it, even if he won't like where it leads) Yet another Storyline has begun (thinking about it, I've had this storyline planed for awhile, so the above was just to apease Mike ;) ). This one is going to be fun, methinks. Based around experiences at Highland Games, and a bunch of fictional stuff (Yeah, their seems to be more and more wacky fiction going on, doesn't there? But it's because a week long story about working at CT that's based on reality would, well, be a bit boring). Anyways, I think I'm trying to introduce the story "Is that a Caber in your Kilt, or are you just happy to see me?" It marks the return of Craig Nodwell to the IHTBTS strip, a character that I always enjoyed writing. You'll get to see Mike and Craig's character get developed through out this fairly short story (it's hopefully not going to be as long, or as 'out-there' as the Road Trip story, though Ananas will return sometime). Anyways, just trying to drop a line on where I'm taking IHTBTS over the next few weeks. I'm also planning on redesigning the webpage a little bit, we'll see how that goes. I know it's a long update, but seeing how I often forget to update this page you may have a while to get through it.

Monday, June 12th, 2001: Well, after a hellish weekend,a scanner not wanting to work, a long hot day at work, I came home to check my webcomics. Sweet Merciful Crap, if there is a god, it is Nick Yu of BBoCS. He practically tripled my page count with one link. Shleb apparently deserves some credit for this too, so Thank you both. Now I've gotta work on something big for Tuesday (Hmmm... wish I'd not done the Raider's tribute today, oh well, c'est la vie). Thanks Nick and Shleb! You guys ROCK! Oh, and let's try to boost BBoCS a wee little bit, to try and repay the favour, kay?

Wednesday, June 6th, 2001: Hey, you. You'd better go check out Sporkman. Now. It's quite good. Really. UPDATED! Another Guest Strip of mine is up at Untitled Again, Since Pauly has managed to reach the momentous mark of 100 comics! Go check it out NOW!

Monday, June 4th, 2001: Oops! In my drunkenness I somehow missed the Feldo's rants for this Sunday. I did it and it's up a day late, so check out the previous comic. Today's comic features the Gimp in a cheap plot advancing moment. I also got a nifty Birthday Present from Damonk. Check it out here, or on the Art Page

Saturday, June 2nd, 2001: HAPPY NATIONAL INTOXICATION DAY! Geez, you think I'd not update this page on my Birthday? Today is the semi-offical start of the Saturday comics, which will be (I've finally decided) one-shot gags much like IHTBTS was when it first started. I don't think I could do a gag a day, but I can CERTAINLY do a gag a week. Usually these won't affect the current storylines, but if I want to us the saturday slot to keep the story going I will. Todays comic is more of a partial birthday present to myself, as my favorite part about my birthday is hanging with my friends. Friends are the best gift ANYONE can get. See ya Soon - The Newly turned 20 Carson Raycraft

Thursday, May 31st, 2001: Well, I once again avoid updating the news page for two weeks... sorry. The Current storyling is an odd example of re-interpreting my odd life... as some of you may know. I plan on using other pivotal moments in my life as plot advancing points (mostly as this comic is a twisty, wacky view at my life...sorta). And I've gotta send some massive linkage to Scrubbo of Silly Cone V. He's a cool guy that Reads IHTBTS, and will break 30k hits if we can get a bunch of people to visit his site. C'mon! LEt's get scrubbo those 30k hits for the month of May. Think of it as a Birthday present for me (or buy me booze)

Friday, May 18th, 2001: In a fiendish plot to get me to do this newsthingy two days in a row, Scrubbo once again sends fan art. Sheesh. A clever ittle cartoonist that fella is.

Thursday, May 17th, 2001: Gotta give a massive Link to SCRUBBO and SILLY CONE V, as I'm now on his "Comics he Reads Page" WHOO-HOO! Scrubbo and the rest of the Fourtoon Tellers are some of the nicest guys online. And Speaking of which, Joe has a very special J-Walkin' today, which kinda goes with his semi-special Spoon on High of yesterday.

Monday, May 14th, 2001: Okay... so I'm not trying HARD enough to keep my news updated. Big deal. Atleast you've got comics. And no, I'm not ripping off THIS comic's storyline... well, maybe a little. But not alot.

Monday, May 7th, 2001: Well, I'm TRYING to do the News More often. We're beginning a pretty big story that will go till atleast June 12th (I have the ending of it slotted for then, but I'm really liking this storyline so far, so it may go longer). Have you been watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs? They're pretty amazing, thus far. I'm watching the LA - Colorado Game right now, and they're in overtime, playing rather intensly. Can't wait for the Leafs game tonight. Time for my link pimpage, only a few today.

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2001: Okay, sorry about not updating this page again over the past week. Work has been keeping me fairly busy most of the time. You enjoying the pointless Space Hippo storyline? It's only lasting a week before we get on to a pretty big story (which I hope will feature a few cameos) Did you catch J-Walkin' when I made a cameo there? It was pretty cool (as J-Walkin' always is). Framed is still Damonkless, but from what I hear he should be back next week sometime (and as much as I loved the guest artists, especially the ones for this day, I can't wait to see some fresh Damonkinized Framed action). Silly Cone V is also going through with a pretty cool story (Scrubbo, I want some military lego robots). Eternal Caffiene Junkie has a roadtrip going on (and next weeks storyline is NOT the beginning of a ripoff of it... well, maybe slightly... but RoadTrips rule). Pauly of Untitled Again is FINALLY going to Victoria's Secret... even if Pat has a car that looks slightly better then the Camry, we know it isn't. Sporkman is still getting his past discovered. And CRFH have a really LONG story going. Avalon, as usual is being rather twisty... and I think that's about all I'm going to linke for now... except comicollage and Spoon on High and BBoCS

Thursday, April 26th, 2001: Boy have I ever been neglecting the newspage. I suppose it doesn't matter, as you don't READ the news page. I've gotten some ideas for my Saturday strip, but don't expect those to start untill June or so. Amazingly enough Comic # 150 hits the web on Sunday May 13th... and yes, it is a Feldo's rant. Crazy how it takes a year to get the first 100 comics and only a few months to get the next 50. Will Carson be at Comicon? I know that's the question you've ALL been asking. The answer is: I dunno. Hopefully yes, but I have no idea right now. Oh, and I accepted a little Wage with Simon Jester (aka Dan Frioli of The Crudely Drawn [or is it literary, now?] Adventures of Kan Kong, so when the Leafs are done beating the Devils, he will have up a shrine to their maple leafy goodness.
Of course on the off chance the Leafs lose, you'll see a shrine to the New Jersey Devils here (like THAT'D ever happen).
Here be the links:

Sunday, April 22nd, 2001: Sure they've got their fancy uniforms and their fancy plays....
Heya everyone! Carson is back in the Bay! And as such, I've scanned in a few more pictures over at REALLIFE IHTBTS. Guys, I want each of you to write up a bit of info about you, as I'm going to have our REAL bios up on that page. I'm also contemplating Saturday Strips. I need an idea for them. IHTBTS runs Monday to Friday, Feldo's Rants run each and every Sunday, but what can I put on Saturdays? One shots like the first year? Something completely different? If you have an idea, email me! OH, and Within 24 hours of returning home, I gained employment, so if any of you are in the North Bay Canadian Tire, keep an eye out for me, as I'm getting atleast 30 hours a week.
Here's the links!


Wednesday, April 18th, 2001: Well, it's all over. No, not the comic silly. My first year at University. I'm heading home tomorrow so don't expect to see me for a little while. Ah, home and food, Hooray!

Saturday, April 14th, 2001: Wow! Saturday comics for you! Yup, as part of the MST3Keen thing I've decided to mock on of the more infamous series: The Condom Boy Saga. Enjoy the mocking of the Condom Boy Saga, and check out other MST3Keen-ers

Wednesday, April 11th, 2001: Go check out Framed!!!, and Happy Birthday Damonk. Get drunk enough for me too, as I will be writing an exam tonight... and tomorrow morning

Tuesday, April 10th, 2001: Instead of Studying for my upcoming examinations, I have once again decided to post news you probably really don't need to hear. Actualy, I have no news, just some linkage (with Spoon on High at the top, because I fucked up the link yesterday... on purpose... yeah, the penguin was offering me cookies)

Monday, April 9th, 2001: Well, I'm just taking a break in my studying (yeah right) to mention that the first week of IHTBTS being weekdaily is over... and hopefully you all survived. The new plan for comics is going to be Regular IHTBTS Storylines M-F, and a Feldo's Rant on Sunday. I may put some IHTBTS one-shots up on Saturday... I dunno yet. I'm still screwing around with the comic format, and trying to see what I like. Also, if you have something you'd like to see Feldo Rant on, email me with the topic, and what special guest should appear in the last panel. Keep reading IHTBTS as we've got many surprises in store.
Now for some Pimpage:

Friday, April 6th, 2001: TODAY IS PURPLE MONEKY PANTS DAY. That is all

Thursday, April 5th, 2001: Eck, Exams are starting to hit full swing, so just a quick update: CHECK THE ART PAGE!

Monday April 2nd, 2001: Whoo! Last day of lectures! AND the first day of weekdail comics! Isn't that special? You're damned right it is. Let us celebrate by VOTIN for me in the Keenspace Top 99... EVERYDAY. We've gotta stay on top of Pauly from Untitled Again! Why? Why not go over to Untitled Again and see... or are U A wussy (sorry Pauly, just had to steal it).
And now for the links that are mostly mine:


Sunday, April 1st, 2001: Well, it's a new month and HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Boy, just 18 days left of University this year... under 3 weeks. This month means a fresh start on the Keenspace 99, so let's see how high we can get IHTBTS folks. This is also the commencement of Weekdaily strips for IHTBTS which is, of course, a good thing. April's going to be a good month, and here's what you can do to help with it. Oh, and check out my spiffy April Fool's Comic at Insanity Inc. It involves more WACKY

Friday, March 30th, 2001: Whoo! Weekend! Whoo! One week till finals Start! Whoo! Last week of random comic updates! Now to pimp some comics!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2001: Whoop! We've got our Counter and Guestbook back. Well, not really back, as they are completely new. I was able to, however, set the counter at 1160, which is where it was before decided to screw us over. Sign the guestbook, look at the counter and take the quiz near the bottom of the page (just to the left of the "Spot the Spork" button.

Tuesday, March 27th, 2001: Just a brief update, really. Today Spoon on High Featured a Cosmic Hippo and a Monkey with a Gun! Go there now. And since Spoon on High is a Comic where you tell Joe what to write, hit his forum and tell him where to put the Hippo and Monkey next!

Monday, March 26th, 2001: Alrighty! New comic up today, and personally, it's one I like. Some of the more recent ones have been setting up the storyline, and all comes to fruition now! I'm sure you've all known someone to be like "Stu". Furthermore, I am now officially boycotting the North Bay radio station 102FM the Fox for it's use of a so called 'Condom Boy' as a publicity stunt. That and the fact they're still playing the same music from a year ago. Speaking of music, have you checked out the forum and the spiffy new thing that's going on in there (which surprisingly enough has NOTHING to do with music)? Just five more days till
IHTBTS goes daily! I don't know what it means, but I'm sure the word "Super-fan-dangle-astic" can be used to describe it.
Now for the list of things you should do today, or die trying to do.

Sunday, March 25th, 2001: Dear GOD! Delahunt was Hypnotized the other night, Fuck'n Eh, it was great! Whew, I've been busy. well, no, not really. Actually been wasting a WHOLE lotta time. A bit too much, perhaps. Nahh! I'm anxiously awaiting the end of this term, and with it, my first year of University. Really got no plans for Summer... yet. It all depends on where I'm working. But You don't care, and I should put that stuff in my LiveJournal. On the IHTBTS front This is the final week of thrice weekly comics. Starting in April it's daily baby!
Spiff-tastic Sites:

Friday, Match 23rd, 2001: Gosh this term zipped by! There's only a couple of weeks left then it's SUMMAH-TIME! Tonight Delahunt, Wilson and myself are heading to see a XXX Hypnotist, so that oughta be good. Scotty W. and I are also making a bit of lee way on the housing situation, which is good. Next week we are still doing the comic thing thrice, but starting the first of April, it's IHTBTS Weekdaily! I'm also out for revenge against Damonk and Pauly. Not a bad kind of revenge, but the fun kind. For me atleast. I've already got phase one worked out,and shall unleash it when I encounter the two next. Mwahahaha. Was that not a really clever way t link to their pages without putting them in the links o the day again? SPLING!

Thursday March 22nd, 2001: SPLING! Only one more week till IHTBTS goes DAILY! Yes, that means IHTBTS will be dishing out wackiness atleast 5 days a week. That's like, twice as much spiffiness! And here's todays Wackiness that's not IHTBTS related:

Tuesday, March 20th, 2001: Pete Katrakis shall die today. Why? Do we really need a reason? On with some real news. It's currently Waterloo's pre-registration week, or "rape Carson" week, as I refer to it. I seem to be doing alot more now that my assignments are all handed in. Luckily, I've managed to pick some courses out. I've got my two Anthropology courses, as it's my major. I'm also picking up English 208A Forms of Fantasy, Classics 252 Roman History, and History 210 Ancient Law. It looks like I'll have a fun year next year. I'm sure some of you are wondering about the 'What I've Learnt at University' page that didn't exist. That's because I've learnt nothing, mwahahaha (actual, I was too lazy to do it yesterday). You know what? I think there's practically daily comics starting in April, yes I do! WYP!
Hey, it's Carson's List of Mega-Ass Sites:

Monday, March 19th, 2001: So it's all coming to an end... Yup, you heard right, it's the end of the WORLD, or just the term. Either way, I'm destressified in about 30 days. Anyways, I've got nothing to worry about until exams, so I figured I'd summarize what I've learnt this year in University. (Hit the link, that's where it is). St. Paddy's day is gone, and I remember very little. I've also begun wasting time on IRC, specifically in #webcomics on nightstar, drop by sometime, I'm usually CarsonR (as not to be confused with Carson Fire of Elf Life). We've also not found a place to live for next yer, talk about procrastination.

Saturday, March 17th, 2001: Happy St. Paddy's Day. I hope everyone here remembers the reason for this festive holiday - the defense of Earth, by St. Patrick (Paddy to his dearest friends) from the evil aliens of peanut. Anywho, for those of you that cannot drink today, and for those of you who dislike drinking and wish to laugh at a drunk, or for those of you who just like some funny stuff - DRUNKWATCH 2001 starts today. Keep an eye on the forum and the Drunkwatch page for updates. I may pop into other forums too, if the people there are unlucky enough

Friday, March 16th, 2001: Woohoo, week from hell = over! All of my Essays are handed in and my midterms are written. Gosh that's alot of stress taken off me. Good news starts now! IHTBTS is, as of 8pm, Thursday Night number 25 in the Keenspace top 99. The top 99 in no way means my comic is in the top 25 keenspace comics, but it looks cool to get the recognition. And I have a pretty good idea it is all you that were there from the bonescan at the beginning that voted for me! I love you guys! Furthermore, there is the insanity that is todays comic! It's all true, if not abridged slightly. You have no idea how humourous it is to have a fairly old lady start going off about Bonobo Chimp Orgies in the middle of class, how could anyone NOT love Anthropology. Speaking of Orgies, the name for the ficticious University IHTBTS will be set in next fall is Sir Thomas Maleore, as some of you already know. I'm sure the sharpest English People out there reading this would recognize the name better as Sir Thomas Malory, a 15th century author that brought together the Arthurian Legend in his writing (Morte Darthur). Why did I chose him as the name of the new University? Simple, aside from compiling the Arthurian Legend into a complete form (sort of), he was also arrested for an "Orgy of Lawlessness" during the war of the roses. Of the people reading this, I'd not be surprised if Damonk from Framed!!! (one of my FAVORITE comics) was one of the people that knew who Thomas Maleore was. I mention this, because today, as I was waiting for Keenspace to return to normal, and waiting for my daily update of Framed!!! goodness, I happened to check his links page and BLAM! there was IHTBTS! You have no idea how surprised I was to find it in BOLD too (unfortunately, I, of course, notice this the week that I have very few comic updates, and I start to feel bad). Don't worry, with daily updates starting in April, I'm sure no-one will be disappointed (well, most people won't be... I'm getting wierder). I'm sure Damonk would also be pleased to know that for St. Patricks day, I am not drinking my usual Brick Red Baron beer, but going to another of my favorite beers, Alexander Keith's. The reason for this is to protest it's absence from the 100 best beers in the world. Apparently it was not one of the Canadian Beers included (Red Baron was, however, HOORAY!).
Sheesh, I'm not exactly sure HOW I managed to linke all these seperate thoughts together, but I did! To bad it's AFTER I'm done all my essays that I gain this mystical power. Anywho, here's da links!

Monday, March 12th, 2001: Did everyone have a good weekend? I did, but so begins my week of Hell. 3 essays due and a midterm in the last 3 days of the week. I'm going to be fairly busy, so expect only an update on Friday. It's hard to believe I've only got 36 days left until I'm home for the summer... it's kinda scary that University went by so quickly! What's also scary is I only have 202 bucks left on my meal plan, meaning I have to spend 5.61 a day or less! I think I can pull it off...
Here's some Sites I COMMAND you to visit:

Sunday, March 11th, 2001: Well, all you kids on March Break now, are you enjoying it yet? I know I am... even though I'm in University and still have classes. My parents are heading up today which means REAL food! I'm so anxious! Also, Chris got real drunk last night so let's give him a cheer. Hope you don't have too much of a headache, pal!
Site's O' the Day:

Friday, March 9th, 2001: DAMN YOU MYCOMPUTER.COM! It appears the advertising crisis has reached the free guest book provider too, which means, come April 1st, there shall be no guest book, or atleast, a different one... not htat many of you noticed. Speaking of the Advertising crisis on websites, Scott Kurtz of PVP Online has a brilliant suggestion on how to solve the crisis. Only 8 days till St. Paddy's day (and considering I'm done my essays and midterms by then, I'll be cutting loose). Furthermore, for you Ontarian High School students reading this, your March Break is coming up... and if you're in OAC you'll probably be touring Universities... mwahahaha. If you're heading to Waterloo for a tour, email me. I'll let you in on the stuff the tours DON'T want you to know... like...uhm... yeah...
Now for a few sites I want you to visit:

Thursday, March 8th, 2001: Alright, if you're here because of the Comic, if you sned me an Email, or ICQ message telling me what "Fous le Camp" means in English, I'll do something cool for you... Yes... you could be in an IHTBTS comic! Or, you could have some Kool-Aid points, Canadian Tire Money, hell, possibly even some toilet paper. If you can tell me what "Fous le Camp" means (and if more then one person can, you must win a random drawing) you havea choice between appearing in an IHTBS comic, or the mystery surprise! You know you want to be a winner...
NOTICE: Yes, all the prizes are stupid things like that, no REALLY money or anything worthwhile...

Wednesday, March 7th, 2001: Hey, if you don't quite understand the second comic of today, featuring everyone's favorite Crocodile Hunter, check out J-Walkin', a comic from which I borrowed a few characters. In other news for today, everyone down here is bitching about the snow... buncha pussies. I did a wee bit of work on the page, archiving the comics properly. It was a bit time consuming, but atleast Pacey has night class tonight and I'll beable to get some readings done in peace. Speaking of which, Carl is a bit upset with KeenSpace as he cannot look 'into the future' and see IHTBTS comics that are yet to be released. It's a good thing, since I'm about two monthes ahead of schedule with them... which may expalin the little differences in the art of the Crocodile Hunter comic. Yes, we eventually move to that style in early April... along with a semi-sustained storyline. Oh, and hooray for me, 86% on my Classics midterm!
Now here are some sites of Interest:

Tuesday, March 6th, 2001: Hey Everybody! I'm still getting the transfere to keenspace done, but things seem to be moving smoothly. No new comic today, but plenty of ways for you to waste your time. Sign the Guestbook... you want me to know that you love me, right? Visit the forum, I'm practically having a conversation with myself there... PLEASE, join in or I'll go SANE! heh. Or you could visit the kick ass comic of the moment: J-Walkin', done by Fellow Canuckian, SUPERJOE! And, if all else fails, you can laugh at me singing the infamous drunken song, "I belong to Glasgow" in this Wildly kick ass audio file. BEWARE!

Monday, March 5th, 2001: To Celebrate the first Anniversary of It Hurts To Be That Stupid, we've gotten ourselves a new site! Up, IHTBTS is now hosted by the almighty and wonderful KEENSPACE. This also means that I'm spending alot of time that I should be dedicating to essays, working on getting this place up and running. We have no Cast bios up right now either, unfortunately. I just haven't had the time to get them ready for Keenspace. I'll give you a quick tour of the site right now. The Main page is going to be the page with any REALLY important update info and such. The News page (you're here right now) will contain my ramblings and links to various articles and files that are submitted. The Cast page will give you pictures of the people that have roles in IHTBTS (you'll eventually be able to click on the pictures and get a bio... you can see the old bios HERE). About will tell you a bit about the comic and the Author (Hooray!). The Store is where you can toss your money away on IHTBTS stuff (it's pretty cool stuff too). The Forum is where you discuss IHTBTS and communicate with others. The Archieves contain ALL the IHTBTS released up till now. Links contains the linnks to sites I think are pretty cool. IF you want to be linked from IHTBTS, email Carson.
Now Here are todays articles of intrest:
















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